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Medical Insurance


Our agent for RPIA Medical Plans is Joy Vrabec, owner of Vrabec Insurance. In this role, Joy consults with employers for their employee benefits insurance, including group health insurance, limited medical plans as well as ancillary benefits such as dental, vision, and voluntary plans.

Joy Vrabec knows benefits insurance. Having worked over 30 years for some of the country’s largest insurance companies and Third Party Administrators, she gained first-hand benefits experience and expertise. As a licensed insurance agent since 1983, and holding a Certified Health Consultant designation, Joy learned much about an industry that most people find confusing and off-putting. Now, she also works with us, the RPIA, helping us determine what WE bakeries need for our business bottom line and for our employees.
If you're looking for a professional, courteous, and caring insurance professional to walk you through your insurance questions, concerns and fears, you've found her.

To contact Joy please call 317-852-2596, email: or go to www.vrabecinsurance


RPIA proudly introduces:     The Bridge

“Bridge” your employee health benefits gap with Limited Benefit Medical plans from Pan American Life Insurance Group. 

As a business owner, you struggle with the costs to produce and market your product.  Keeping costs low and quality high are crucial to the success of your business.  Equally important are hiring and retaining satisfied employees, but how do you do that when the cost of employee benefits threaten to drive you out of business?   And how often does the lack of employee benefits prevents you from attracting the high-quality employees you require?   As an RPIA member, travel safely across this divide with The Bridge.

Pan American Life’s PanaMed plan offers customizable benefit plans designed to help cover the cost of employees’ everyday medical needs at affordable rates.  PanaMed is a limited benefit plan that pays a fixed benefit amount to help cover the cost of common medical services, such as doctor visits, diagnostic tests and x-rays, hospitalization, accidents, emergency room, surgery, anesthesia, intensive care, wellness services and more.  To complement the PanaMed plans, Group Term Life and other ancillary benefits are available.

Why offer a Limited Medical plan to your employees?  
NO pre-existing exclusion, except pregnancy in most states.
Benefits are GUARANTEED ISSUE for eligible participants; that means no medical questions are asked, no       underwriting or evidence of insurability is requested during open enrollment.
First dollar coverage….no deductibles, no co-pays or co-insurance amounts.
Pre-determined, fixed indemnity payment amounts for covered events based on schedule of benefits.  This means             that your employees know exactly how much their plan will pay for their covered services.
Access to a National PPO Network, resulting in discounted expenses to the insured.
“WOW” inducing, value-added features including Telehealth Services and annual Comprehensive Wellness Profile             blood tests.

What’s in it for you?
Proven tool for promoting employee retention and recruiting.
Minimum participation requirement, generally 10 employees must enroll in the plan.
You are NOT required to contribute towards the cost of the premium.  However, premium costs are less with some           employer contribution.
Plans can be placed under Section 125/Cafeteria Plan.
Enrollment capabilities can be via: telephone, web or on-site.

How can YOU get a quote for The Bridge?

Complete the employee census form below.
If you have a benefit preference, or preferences, please indicate which ones.
E-mail it to:
That’s it.  Simple!

Don’t let rising employee medical premium costs drive you over the edge.  Shift direction and make a smooth transition to employee satisfaction and a better bottom line with The Bridge.
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