RPIA Retail Bakery Organizations

 Are you passionate about your baking business? If so, take advantage of retail bakery organizations that bring professionals together to share experiences, learn new methods, and make the most of their individual enterprises.The RPIA Group is a bakery association that helps bakers gather to collaborate and create a true sense of community. If you’re interested in boosting your business and meeting like-minded individuals who can offer useful feedback, become one of our members today.

Innovate With Other Professionals

When you become a part of our bakery community, you gain access to a unique group of your peers. We cater solely to small bakery owners, and our members have over 5,000 years of cumulative experience. When you’re a member of our community, before you invest heavily in a new product, procedure, or piece of equipment, you can use other members’ experience to make a more informed decision.

Benefit From Thousands of Discounted Items

Of course, becoming a member means you access more than experience—you also save money in the long run. Along with sharing intellectual property, we make it easy for you to get thousands of bakery items on rebate or on discount. Choosing our bakery trade group is a wise fiscal decision for your business.

Learn and Grow With Us

We provide our members with fun community events where they can get to know each other better, and we also schedule educational events like visiting group members’ bakeries, touring bread plants, and hearing member presentations on crucial aspects of the baking business.Give yourself a decisive advantage in the baking industry by joining RPIA today. Learn more about our membership packages, and contact us with any questions to start the path to baking success.