• Strength in numbers- Because it matters!
  • The mid to large retailers are vendors and manufacturers most profitable customer. For years we have been unaware of this and have not demanded the service or pricing we deserve.
  • Buy Better- The more you know, the better off you are
  • Save Money
  • Participate in special rebate and incentive programs.
  • Identify strategic partners and vendors to help us buy more profitably.
  • Free up purchase dollars for capital investment. 

Buying Power

Qualifications RPIA membership (all of the following):

  • Any retail or multi unit bakery that has sales in excess of 1 million dollars.
  • People who want to become more profitable and productive operators.
  • People who want to save money on purchases.
  • People who want to learn new ideas and share their ideas with others.


Learn the good the bad, what works for each baker and what doesn't

Our Community will save you thousands on costly experiences….and help you earn thousands on Great Experiences

Arrange reciprocal visits to each others bakeries

  • We are some of the top innovators in our industry. We create or find products that are “HOT” fast movers, profit centers etc.
  • Create a vehicle to share that quickly so we can all profit.
  • Members only web site. 


  • Many of us have opened new stores, remodeled existing ones or added more units.
  • Share with each other the nuts and bolts of these endeavors. Every thing from location, construction, marketing and opening. It is all important and there is much to be learned from each other.
  • Road trips to members bakeries with annual workshops for those who want to attend 




Sharing Experiences

Our Memberships

Training for staff and management

Send staff to each others shops. To receive hands on training and ideas from new perspectives. 

Hot Products

We can help you invest your Intellectual Property dollars to avoid costly and inefficient wastes of time and capital.

Patent and Trademark


Benefits of Joining

Stop operating in a vacuum.

See what each of our group values in data information that is “must have” and what information is extraneous. 


Join the RPIA:

You will be asked to complete the following forms:
Membership Application

Confidentiality Agreement

W-9 Tax Form (because we will send you money!)

Ways to pay:
1. Pay 250 and then complete the Subscription Form for monthly billing @ $ 55.00 a month Select

2. Pay your dues of $ 600 + the $ 250 processing and save 10%. Select

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